From Ashes to Eternity

Continuing each Sunday in Lent and through Easter Sunday, Asher McClain, Randy Edwards, and Jennifer Edwards will be installing an art exhibit to mirror our progress through the Lenten season and into the Easter season.

Asher McClain will be providing wood burnings which signify each week’s theme which are:  Ash, Baptism, Wilderness, Temptation, Pilgrimage, Palm, Love, Rent, and Resurrection.

Jennifer Edwards will be providing abstract, tapestry weavings which correspond to each week’s theme. With each she provides a few words to help you read the piece.

Randy Edwards will be providing poems which make use of the week’s theme and is intended to further explore and highlight its significance during Lent. He will be posting the poems on his blog,

Randy, Asher, and Jennifer hope that both the pieces and the unfolding process will help you as you walk through this season. They also hope that we, as a community, might experience Lent to Easter more deeply as we walk with Jesus to Jerusalem and beyond.

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