Ordinary Prayer: Psalm 10

This is a paraphrase of Psalm 10 which Pastor Randy hopes you can use as a part of your ordinary prayers. You may read Psalm 10 HERE.

Why Lord, Why? Why do you stand off?
Why, when trouble finds me, I can’t find you?

These earthly men have no shame, these wicked who chase the poor down and run them into the traps that they’ve set for them.
And when the earthly man has done so, he brags how he’s gotten everything he has ever wanted. 
Boasting, he laughs to himself, “I got it all on my own!”

Sneering with pride, the wicked don’t care where the Lord is, they only think, “There’s no God.”

The earthly man gets what he wants here and now. You are far beyond his comprehension.
As for his own enemies, he struts around in front of them like a rooster.
He says, “No one makes me step aside. No one can touch me.”
The aerosol droplets of his curse words, lies, and demands spit from his mouth the infection of his sin-virus and works all kinds of mischief.
He is just waiting to cause trouble. It’s like he just spends his spare time making plans to kill innocent people.
Like a lion, he looks to pounce on the helpless as he watches from the shadows.
Like a trapper, he waits to pull the snare. He watches that he might entangle the poor in his net.

Those of us who before were bent by trouble, the earthly man now breaks and beats down.
He says, “See? God doesn’t care. He doesn’t see you and doesn’t care what I do!”

Lord! Now! Now!
Come! Do something! Don’t forget us!

How can the wicked go on thinking they can do whatever they please?

Oh, but Oh Lord, you do see. You mark their mischief and trouble-making that you may take matters into your own hands. 

Lord, we’re reaching out to take your hand, for you are the one who takes in hand those who have no one.

Slap back the earthly man’s arm, shorten his reach, frustrate his schemes, settle his account, make him pay his bill’s full amount.

You Lord are the boss of everyone: kings, presidents, and CEO’s; they are all beholding to you. Nations, agencies, kingdoms, and corporations are nothing.

Lord, Lord, you do hear.
You do hear the cries of those in need.
You will give them courage.
You will find them and listen to every last word they have have to say so that justice is worked for those who are alone and beat down
— for those who have no one but you, so that the earthly man won’t make anyone afraid ever again.

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