What is Systemic Racism?

I am meeting with some local pastors to talk about racism in the church and in our community. I have been humbled by the willingness of my black and African American brothers and sisters in Christ who are sharing, speaking, helping me learn, and calling me to a fuller understanding of where the gospel of Jesus needs current application to set people free.

Today we discussed systemic racism. You may have heard it expressed as white privilege. The discussion often shuts down when people say, “White Privilege? We came from poor Scotch-Irish descent. We were kicked out of every place we ever went! We were share-croppers and mill workers. We didn’t have any privilege!” It’s sad that the conversation shuts down at this point because there is so much opportunity to listen and learn and love. If you’re asking, What does that mean? What is white privilege? What is systemic racism? Here’s a little video that we watched today that explains it.

Please note. My offering of this video does not endorse a political party or larger agenda by any organization. My sole concern is for the Kingdom of God and for its advancement. In general, as we engage in public discourse about very serious matters and as we debate with those with whom we disagree, it is important that we understand the place from which they are coming. To be able hear and to articulate the views of others is an act of charity.

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