The Good Shepherd

This morning the Men prayed as we do each Friday morning. We have been reading through and praying through John’s gospel. Today we read John 10 about the Good Shepherd, the great theme of the Scriptures taken up by David, expounded on by the prophets, and fulfilled in Jesus. In a week of so much that is flying around, it is a great comfort to me. I hope it is to you as well.

Below is a sonnet written as a meditation on the Good Shepherd. It helped me to write it, I hope it will be a help to you.

By mid-morning, my circumstance it seems
Has closed the door to friendship, joy, and rest
And locked out of love, my loneliness leaves
Me as a sheep lost, alone, dispossessed.

Without a shepherd or a sheepfold I
Am left the afternoon to wander this waste,
Make due only with life under the sky
Live for myself, give no mercy, dis-graced.

Though evening comes, you leave all and seek
The one sheep who wandered that morn away;
Would you for me leave ninety-nine to keep
And carry me home before the end of the day?

Leading through the door, lying down in the breach,
Giving your life, I rest, breathe heavy, and sleep.

© Randall Edwards 2018
Artwork: James Tissot [No restrictions or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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