Where Are You? An Advent Story

WHERE ARE YOU? an Advent Story will be presented on December 11 at 4:30pm by the Almond Tree Artist Collective. The evening features the visual art of Adah Freeman and Asher McClain, the poetry of Randy Edwards and the music of Michael Kuehn. And explores the Advent themes of hope, love, joy, peace, and glory. The question, “Where are you?” explicitly comes or is implied in each of the events which are the basis for these themes. Whether Adam and Eve, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the burning bush,  Mary and Gabriel, or the shepherds and the angels, each had their moments of crying out to God, “Where are you?” And each were called out to by God, “Where are you?” To find oneself in a place of not calling upon the Lord is to be in a worse place than any desperate circumstance which would lead you to cry out to God. On the other hand, to be in a place of not hearing, or worse yet, ignoring the call of the Lord, is to be oneself in the waiting room of death and desolation. For those who drop by to view the art in the church’s foyer and especially those who attend, it is our desire that you are moved to call out to, respond to, and listen for our coming Lord who has come to find us and be found by us.

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