43GPC’s Five Ministry Purposes or The Five “Gs”

The Five Ministry Purposes of Grace Presbyterian Church, Guide, Glorify, Gather, Grow and Give, represent the things to which we are committed as well as the structure of the church’s ministry. With respect to purpose, we could say:

Grace Presbyterian Church exists to Guide one another to Jesus Christ and to Grow in the knowledge of Him by Giving of ourselves to the Praise of His Glory as He Gathers the nations to Himself.

Every ministry of GPC fits into one of these purposes.

Guide incorporates the leadership ministries of the church which includes the Session (the church’s teaching and ruling elders), Deaconate (our deacons), the staff (pastoral and ministry support staff), as well as Personnel, Communications, and Administrative Teams.

Glorify includes the worship or up-reach ministries of the church. The Worship Oversight Team, Worship Ministry Teams, and Prayer Ministry Teams are Glorify Ministries.

Gather is comprised of those ministries through which we as a congregation pursue the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Gather ministries are: Rooted in Grace (our local outreach ministry), Jail Ministry Team, Grace Arts Community (a local ministry to artists), and our Missions Committee.

Grow ministries are those ministries which encourage and develop us in our walk as disciples of Jesus Christ. These ministries include: Men’s and Women’s Ministries, Children’s and Youth Ministries, twentiesgpc (a ministry to those in their twenties), Adult Communities in Education or A.C.E. (adult Sunday morning Bible Fellowships), and Home Fellowship Groups.

Give ministries are Diaconal ministries which help challenge and aid us to be faithful stewards of the resources he has given us. Through Give ministries we manage the church’s finances (Finance Team), care and assist those in need (Mercy Ministries), care for and maintaining church property (Building Team), and service to help the church in its service to God’s people (Helps Ministry).