Gather: Reaching the World

At GPC we are committed to Jesus Christ’s Great Commission both globally and locally.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

Luke 10:2

Pastor John Piper has said that missions exists because worship doesn’t. When we pray in the Lord’s Prayer, “Hallowed be Your Name.” we are praying a mission prayer. It is to be our desire to the Name of Jesus Christ honored and known everywhere. Those waiting to be gathered into worship of God are plenty, we are to ask the Lord for gathers.

We believe that he is sending us – to our families, the marketplace, our communities, and the world. Jesus is himself the reaper who gather in those who are His. We want to be a place that is prepared to receive those whom the Lord is bringing.

GPC’s Missions and Missionaries

Pat Abbott.  Serge Missionary serving in women’s ministries and community development in and around Bundibugyo, Uganda, Africa. Bundibugyo is a small village in western Uganda near the border of Uganda and Congo. You can read about her ministry where she blogs at Women of the Proverbs.

Daryl and Leah Burnette are with World Venture in Mozambique working among the Makua people. Their work and ministry focuses on business and community development.

Christian Education Center for Excellence. Rather settling for a traditional retirement after raising her family and enjoying a successful career, Sandra Hart began a second vocation as a missionary to the Philippines. In 2012, Sandra retired a second time and has returned to the United States. However, Sandra continues her work in assisting in the development of children’s educational materials in Tagalog, and she travels back to the Philippines several times a year.

Bob and Keren Heppe are missionaries with Serge and have been serving in London since 1994, focusing on reaching South Asians in and through London. Bob is the Area Director for the United Kingdom and South Asian Ministries. As such, he is involved in church planting, and supervision of the ministries of church planting in the UK and South Asia. Keren is active in the church, overseeing numerous Bible studies, and also supervises the ASHA Charity Shop ministries.

Cynthia Ruble. Serving with Life Hope Network in Nagoya, Japan which is a ministry to women who seeking an alternative to abortion or who are in need support as a consequence of abortion. Cynthia is working to setup only the third pregnancy care clinic in all of Japan. The ministry’s home page may be found here.

Jeremy and Gina Sink are missionaries in Nagoya, Japan with Mission to the World. They are working to help plant a network of churches throughout the city. You can follow the Sinks at their blog Grace 4 Japan.

Shining in Togo Mission is a ministry in Togo led by Bruno and Amy Koumedjra. In partnership with Vision Trust, Shining in Togo is involved with discipleship, education, community development, and church planting.

Scott and Becca Brand serving with Serge in Dublin, Ireland.

Gary and Ashley Helms serving with Serge in London, England.

Reverend Darin Stone serving with Mission to North America’s Ministry to State in our state capital.

Chuck and Jimmie-Lynn Linkston serving in Asheville, NC among the homeless population and encouraging those in ministry around the globe.

Reverend Jonah Hooper serving with Reformed University Ministries at WSSU.

GPC also supports missionaries serving as tent-makers in sensitive areas around the globe.