Where are we located?

Where are we located?

Grace Church is located at 360 Hopkins Road in Kernersville, NC.

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Weekly Updates

Weekly Updates

View our weekly E-Newsletter and find out what's going on This Week at Grace Kernersville...

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An Advent Story

An Advent Story

Learn more about Almond Tree Artist Collective's Advent show, Where Are You?

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From Ashes to Eternity

Continuing each Sunday in Lent and through Easter Sunday, Asher McClain, Randy Edwards, and Jennifer Edwards will be installing an art exhibit to mirror our progress through the Lenten season and into the Easter season.

Asher McClain will be providing wood burnings which signify each week’s theme which are:  Ash, Baptism, Wilderness, Temptation, Pilgrimage, Palm, Love, Rent, and Resurrection.

Jennifer Edwards will be providing abstract, tapestry weavings which correspond to each week’s theme. With each she provides a few words to help you read the piece.

Randy Edwards will be providing poems which make use of the week’s theme and is intended to further explore and highlight its significance during Lent. He will be posting the poems on his blog, backwardmutters.com.

Randy, Asher, and Jennifer hope that both the pieces and the unfolding process will help you as you walk through this season. They also hope that we, as a community, might experience Lent to Easter more deeply as we walk with Jesus to Jerusalem and beyond.

Community Lent Services

In partnership with the Kernersville Christian Minister’s Association, these services are held each Wednesday though Lent at Main Street UMC and begin at 12pm with a short 30 min service followed by a $5.00 soup and sandwich lunch afterwards served in the Main St UMC fellowship hall.

  • March 1:  Ash Wednesday Service with Ash Imposition at the Paul J Ceiner Botanical Garden in Kernersville. Dr. Claude Kayler, Main Street UMC, Kernersville.
  • March 8:  Randy Edwards, Grace Presbyterian Church, Kernersville
  • March 15:  Eric Tang, Shiloh UMC and Mt Pleasant UMC, Germanton and Winston-Salem
  • March 22:  Phil Bauguess, ordained Moravian Minister
  • March 29:  Keith Vereen, Providence Baptist, Kernersville
  • April 5:  Amy Burton, Main Street UMC, Kernersville
  • April 12:  Pete Kunkle , First Christian Church, Kernersville

Just As I Am, Just Where I Am


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 6:30-9:00pm
We will gather Friday evening for an “eat and meet” of missions and missionaries with whom we are partnering from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Hear from several local mission organizations doing ministry in North Carolina. (Souls Christus, Hope Alliance, Norman Beck-MTW Cherokee )
BBQ dinner from Prissy Polly’s! (Eastern and Lexington Style). Please sign up to bring sides, or desserts, or to help with setup or cleanup at Perfect Potluck or contact Lisa Swope.
Dance performance by Ryann Lievens and Music featuring: Solus Christus Choir, and local artist Ami Shroyer.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1:00-3:00pm
On Saturday we will be working with Out of the Garden Project from 1-3pm. This service project is open to individuals and families, and it looks to be a beautiful weekend!
We will be working at the Clifton Road Rec Center (3910 Clifton Road Greensboro) where we will likely be doing a variety of different things such as working in the raised bed gardens and cleaning inside. Please bring gloves and and yard/garden tools, cleaning supplies will be provided. The Rec Center is a strategic location for Out of the Garden Project as it is where OOTGP repackages all of the school food and Panera bread that they receive everyday. Keeping this site clean and sanitary is obviously of a high priority. We will be traveling individually to the Rec Center. If you need a ride, please let Pastor Randy know. See you there at 1pm.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19 BRUNCH at 9:30 am, WORSHIP at 10:30, and LUNCH at Noon
Brunch at 9:30am with MTW-Cherokee missionary, Norman Beck.
Worship at 10:30am with Pastor Steve Angle, who also was Grace Presbyterian’s first pastor and church planter. Steve now pastors Southside Community Church in Winston-Salem, will be preaching. (This picture was taken in 1993 as they prepared to move to North Carolina).
Fellowship Lunch at Noon. Stay and visit with our guests and for a fellowship lunch following the service.

Walking with Jesus

This winter and spring Grace will be walking with Jesus through Advent. We have observed Advent, celebrated Christmas, and reflected on the incarnation of the Son of God. Over the next few months we will be following the life of Jesus in Luke’s gospel. We continue next Sunday with the dedication of Jesus at the Temple and follow with him as he draws near and enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Observing the days of Passion week, we will turn to the teaching passages of Jesus in Luke and culminate with Jesus’ ascension and the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

If you’re curious about the church calendar, the video (linked below) is a helpful introduction.

This Sunday @GraceKville (1/15/17)

There are invited to participate in a number of opportunities to gather on Sunday, January 15, 2017.

Grow in Grace, our Sunday morning teaching hour at 9:30am begins a study of Cloud and Townsend’s book, Boundaries. Copies are available on the book table.

In our Sunday service, we will welcome the Gideons who will be giving a brief introduction to their ministry. The sermon will continue in a series on the Incarnation with a look at John 1. You may view Sunday’s bulletin here.

GPC’s Ransom McClain’s Court of Honor Ceremony for his Eagle Scout award has been rescheduled for 3pm on Sunday. You may see the Facebook invite here.

At 5pm at Main Street United Methodist Church, Pastor Edwards will be participating in an Martin Luther King Day Memorial Service with local congregations. Rev. Oscar Pilson from St. Paul’s UMC will be giving the message and there will be music from local choirs.

Did you miss the Heidelberg Catechism this week?

Since we missed the Heidelberg Catechism this week, I thought I’d post it for you and share some thoughts and a resource for you to prepare for this Sunday.

The Lord’s Day 2 Catechism begins to unpack our estate of sin and misery which explains our need for why a Redeemer. Though not coming out and saying it, the writers of the Heidelberg Catechism are explaining the first use of the Law which is to expose our sinfulness and brokenness. The questions and answers read:

Q3. How do you come to know your misery?
A. The law of God tells me. (Rom. 3:20; 7:7-25)

Q4. What does God’s law require of us?
A. Christ teaches us this in summary in Matthew 22: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments. (Deut. 6:5 Lev. 19:18)

Q5. Can you live up to all this perfectly?
A. No. I have a natural tendency to hate God and my neighbor. (Rom. 3:9-20, 23; 1 John 1:8, 10; Gen. 6:5; Jer. 17:9; Rom. 7:23-24; 8:7; Eph. 2:1-3; Titus 3:3)

Question 5 may strike you as a little extreme. You may protest that you don’t hate anyone, and indeed, you may not treat anyone hatefully.

“Hatred” in Question 5 doesn’t mean that you treat everyone equally with the highest contempt, it has more to do with the degrees of love. A wife who feels neglected and ignored by her husband, doesn’t say, “I feel as if you do not love me to the appropriate degree that your covenant promise of forsaking all others would have.” Rather what she says is, “You act like you hate me.” Now she may not mean that her husband actually hates her, rather she may mean and even say, “You love your work, your hobbies, and your car more than you love me.” This is the way hatred is used in the Catechism.

Though we may not be guilty of out and out hostility or contempt of God or our neighbor, there may be indifference, coldness, or unfaithfulness. You may count hatred as the degree that you do not love as you ought. All humanity is not to be indifferent to their neighbor’s needs or to God’s honor, and yet we choose self over others, our will over God’s will. These disordered priorities and devotions are at the root of the hatred of which we speak. How do we do the diagnostic work of hatred? We don’t have to do much, just let Question 4 sink in and that should be enough.

In light of talking about God’s Law, you may be in the need for some good news. In this month’s Christianity Today‘s featured article is  by David Zahl on justification and our need to be and feel justified. We’ll get there in the Catechism, but this will help you today!

General Assembly 2017

This summer our denomination’s 45th General Assembly will be in Greensboro, NC from June 12th-16th at the Koury Convention Center. The theme will be “Come to the Table”. Piedmont Triad Presbytery’s Host Committee is already working to prepare for the event and there are a number of ways you may help. Please be watching for ways that you may serve our denomination as it deliberates and ministers this summer.

Welcome to Grace Presbyterian Church!

2012RandyEdwardsED2Grace Presbyterian Church longs to make the amazing grace of the good news of the gospel known. As we look at the brokenness around us, in our relationships, work, world, and even our own hearts, we oftentimes are left asking, Who will make this right…who can make me right? The good news is that though we are unable to fix, mend, and heal, God is both able and willing. GPC is not a place of people who have it together, but rather a place of those who are seeking God’s amazing grace.

Wherever you find yourself in this journey, we will walk with you as God transforms us together and magnifies his grace in and through us.

Pastor Randy Edwards