All Sunday services and activities for December 9, 2018 are cancelled.
Where are we located?

Where are we located?

Grace Church is located at 360 Hopkins Road in Kernersville, NC.

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Grace hopes that you are warmly greeted and welcomed. If there is anything that can be done to be better at that, please let us know.

Advent Art Exhibit

Advent Art Exhibit

One Heart is an art exhibit being installed through Advent and culminating on Christmas Eve. Following GPC's sermon series from Jeremiah, artists Asher McClain and Adah Freeman are helping GPC-ers walk through the season. Please be sure to stop by and take a look

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The First Sunday in Advent

With Advent, GPC begins a new church calendar year. GPC is entering into the Advent season of preparation in a number of ways.

Firstly, new banners have been created and installed in the sanctuary. GPC is so blessed to have gifted and generous needle workers. Thank you Gail and Linda for your beautiful work. (Fun fact: Gail and Linda also teamed up last year to make the beautiful paraments which are displayed as well).

In addition, several artists have been working together to create a multi-media exhibit centered our Sunday morning theme: Where Are You? The installation of the exhibit will progress each Sunday as we imaginatively walk to Bethlehem.

Adah Freeman, is a gifted portrait artist, who has drawn an image of the complexity of the news of Genesis 3:15 in which we see both the shame of sin and the hope of redemption in this portrait, Adam and Eve.

Asher McClain is doing a wonderful job capturing each week’s theme with pyrography. Below is his first creation based on this week’s theme, Hope. See how he pictures the tree from which springs the hope of restoration.

Pastor Edwards is writing some poetry on each week’s theme. You may read his first poem on his blog, Backward Mutters.

Lastly, GPC Worship Leader, Michael Kuehn, has been writing beautiful lyrics and music for the Advent exhibit. His first piece, “Adam,” takes us into the beauty of creation, the tragedy of ruin, and the hope of redemption. Here are his lyrics.

You may listen to a recording of the song via the player below.

We hope you will join us as we prepare to celebrate God with Us as we walk to Bethlehem.

Pyrography, “Hope” © Asher McClain 2017
Portrait “Adam and Eve” © Adah Freeman 2017
Lyrics and Music, “Adam” © Michael Kuehn 2017
All Rights Reserved.

Ashes to Eternity Exhibit

GPC’s Ashes to Eternity Lent to Easter exhibit, reception, and discussion is set for Sunday, April 30 at 6pm in the church foyer. Come see and hear artists: Jennifer Edwards, Randy Edwards, and Asher McClain share their work. A brochure containing high definition images as well as a compilation of all the poetry and artwork explanations is available for download HERE. Hope to see you there.

But on the first day…

What a full week of remembering and walking together with Jesus through Passion Week. Here are a few pictures of this week’s installments of Ashes to Eternity. Aren’t they beautiful?After the devastation of Good Friday when the Son of Man died and the Temple curtain rent, our Saturday is spent coming to terms with what happened. Then we have this wonderful sentence from Luke, “But on the first day of the week…” (Luke 24:1). I am so grateful to all who have made this week special, and tomorrow?

From Ashes to Eternity

Continuing each Sunday in Lent and through Easter Sunday, Asher McClain, Randy Edwards, and Jennifer Edwards will be installing an art exhibit to mirror our progress through the Lenten season and into the Easter season.

Asher McClain will be providing wood burnings which signify each week’s theme which are:  Ash, Baptism, Wilderness, Temptation, Pilgrimage, Palm, Love, Rent, and Resurrection.

Jennifer Edwards will be providing abstract, tapestry weavings which correspond to each week’s theme. With each she provides a few words to help you read the piece.

Randy Edwards will be providing poems which make use of the week’s theme and is intended to further explore and highlight its significance during Lent. He will be posting the poems on his blog,

Randy, Asher, and Jennifer hope that both the pieces and the unfolding process will help you as you walk through this season. They also hope that we, as a community, might experience Lent to Easter more deeply as we walk with Jesus to Jerusalem and beyond.

Community Lent Services

In partnership with the Kernersville Christian Minister’s Association, these services are held each Wednesday though Lent at Main Street UMC and begin at 12pm with a short 30 min service followed by a $5.00 soup and sandwich lunch afterwards served in the Main St UMC fellowship hall.

  • March 1:  Ash Wednesday Service with Ash Imposition at the Paul J Ceiner Botanical Garden in Kernersville. Dr. Claude Kayler, Main Street UMC, Kernersville.
  • March 8:  Randy Edwards, Grace Presbyterian Church, Kernersville
  • March 15:  Eric Tang, Shiloh UMC and Mt Pleasant UMC, Germanton and Winston-Salem
  • March 22:  Phil Bauguess, ordained Moravian Minister
  • March 29:  Keith Vereen, Providence Baptist, Kernersville
  • April 5:  Amy Burton, Main Street UMC, Kernersville
  • April 12:  Pete Kunkle , First Christian Church, Kernersville