Weekly Updates

Sunday worship at Grace Kernersville continues this Sunday at 10:30am. Please watch us online. This Sunday Rev Darin Stone will be preaching. Darin serves with Ministry to State a PCA ministry of Mission to North America. Here’s the link to this week’s Order of Worship 07.05.20.

In addition we broadcast our morning Sunday School class via Zoom at 9:30am. Join us for virtual coffee and doughnuts at 9:00am. The Zoom link is sent out on Saturdays through Grace Kernersville’s google groups page. Sunday, June 21 we begin a new study on the book of Daniel.

This week’s children’s lesson can be accessed here: https://vimeo.com/showcase/7198459/video/424933239.

This week’s preschool lesson can be accessed here: https://youtu.be/ZZgQxVcDoa8.

View this week’s e-newsletter, This Week at Grace Kernersville.

Worship songs for July 12, 2020:

You may listen to the worship music playlist for July 12, 2020 HERE.

Previous Worship Songs

Grace Kernersville offers Sunday morning worship at 10:30am online only. You may view our service on Grace Kernersville’s social media channels: VimeoYouTube, and Facebook Live.

Here are some tips for worshiping at home with children.

  1. Chose one place in your home to gather for worship. Work with your child to create a sacred space there.
  2. We’ve already hit pause on so many things in our daily lives, so go ahead and hit the pause button during a livestream service. Answer your child’s questions and ask some of your own. Talk about the order of worship, explain big words, make it interactive!
  3. Gone now is any external pressure to keep the wiggle out of your kids. Let worship be a full body experience. Dance when the Spirit moves you. Pray on your knees. Connect your body to worship!
  4. Encourage your child to color or write about what they are hearing or experiencing during the service.
  5. No offering plate will be passed down the pew but your child can still practice giving. Have them write down a gift or talent that they can offer up to help the family during the week. Encourage your whole family to participate.
  6. Worship is a time for reverence and peace, but it is also a time for joy! Helping your child interact with the service in ways that make sense to them can bring more joy into worshipping at home. The good news is SO good, let that goodness flow.

-adapted from Worshiping At Home With Children, First Presbyterian Church, Gastonia, NC

Grace Kernersville is using Zoom.us for small group meetings, Sunday School, and prayer meetings. See Pastor Randy and check your googlegroups email for more opportunities.

Read Grace Session’s most recent COVID-19 Update: Session Update May 21.2020.

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